Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love me some Dave Ramsey

Eric and I started Dave Ramsey's method on debt reduction on July 30th!! So far we have Baby Step 1 ($1000 emergency fund) complete!! AND we have paid off two credit cards! Eric's Ford will be paid by the end of October and by then we will only have vehicle and mortgage debt. Im so excited. Its hard to live on a strict budget and I do have to say Im better at than Eric, but it is soooo worth it. We each get an "allowance" (in cash) to spend each week and it has helped a lot.

I have to credit Tammy for introducing me to DR (hugs to her!!). I went to a seminar of his and I wasnt really into it (before I got pregnant). But now that Im a SAHM and obsessed with budgeting, his methods are so common sense that it was easy to start and get into habit of. I absolutely, totaly, whole heartedly recommend Dave Ramsey to anyone and everyone that is old enough to have a job/bills/income/debt!!!

Go Here and check out his baby steps and his tools to download to get you started. Good luck!!